Annual Visit to the Blind School

ICS' annual visit to the School of the Blind took place on September 28th. Five members participated and we spent a very pleasant time with the six students, ICS has supported and supports, in the low sight classroom.

ICS brought two cakes, which the students especially loved, as they don't have a lot of chances to have cake. Due to the lodging they sometimes even miss their birthday cake.

Shannon brought two boxes of candies. The teacher accepted them and each of the students stuffed their pockets with them. They were so happy.

Brigitte brought a home made cake and all of us share it after the plentiful brunch.

Helen brought some cookies and the students took them back to their classrooms to share them with their classmates.

Zhanglaoshi from the school of blind prepared a plentiful and generous brunch for us and the students. She presented her appreciations to ICS for all these care and continuous support to her students.

We distributed the cakes and the food prepared by the school kitchen to the students and after the brunch we played with the students on the playground. We showed them how to play on the gym machines on the playground. Then at the school gate we played the circle singing together. We had a wonderful time. And we can tell the students are very happy. One of the boys asked if we were still there in the afternoon. He preferred staying with us chatting and playing to having classes back to the classroom.