International Club Shenyang



Here, ICS is working on a new homepage to inform you about upcomming events.

Also keep you updated on where we help and what our plans are for the future.

About ICS

Collecting history of the club and more information about what we do, who we are and what you can do to help others in need!

Providing a homepage based on european servers, it akes a bit to check what are we allowed and what is a no no.

Making sure everything is super ok and we do not provide wrong informations or data.

So please be patient and stop by once in a while to see whats new here!

If you are feeling skilled working on webspace and help to keep it updated,  you are very welcome to join the team.

Most members of the excecutive commitee are working fulltime .

All of them are doing their best to find time to organize, pay bills and put heart and soul into the good things we could do.

But we need your help and support out there.

So become a member to make a difference!

Events, Meetings, Luncheons

10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Yes we can.....and we did!

First regular event since covid slowed all of us down for years,

we spend some fun hours creating our own plates, mugs or other things.

24.03.2023 decorating our pieces of art

31.03.2023 we all get together and pick up our pottery at the cafe 1923 close to NEU

Everybody is welcome to join us to have a look

We will offer Cafe and  snacks for small money plus a lttle extra to donate for ICS

We are establishing this service for the future

Since authorized commitee works full time, give us a bit to return a message :-)