Community Service

Our Community Service Partners

ICS works very closely with four different places here in Shenyang. All our charitable activities help them with medical support, monthly Scholarships and educational equipment.

Delos Foundation

The Delos Foundation was established to help people with eye problem to get medical care. ICS coordinates and supports surgery or / and special care for people with the Delos foundation.

Blind School of Shenyang

The Blind School of Shenyang is a well-known Institution here and since many years ICS has been supporting students through scholarships and also by donating school equipment. We currently support financially 4 students there in their studies. Last May, we also organized and sponsored a concert with the 2 young Blind pianists who are very talented but have difficulty to practice for living. A video was made and the Liaoning television was also present and made a small film that lots of people have seen afterwards.
ICS also does every year a touch book (every year a different theme) for the young blind children.

Dream Home

The Dream Home is an orphanage for seriously handicapped children. ICS also supports over there massage therapy and education for several physically handicapped but smart children.


LIGHT gives medical support to local people not only in Shenyang but also in the Liaoning Province. Their support goes to orphanages and nursing homes for elderly people. LIGHT uses to help foster care children.
ICS cooperates with the Light foundation and provide support for children in need of medical and nutritious care.
We also seasonally donate children’s clothes.

Please contact us if you wish to get involved with our community service.